Minneapolis Voice Actor Melinda Kordich

Bringing Words to Life
Melinda Kordich Voice Actor

Melinda Kordich

Experienced Voice Talent

Fresh, Vibrant

Bringing Scripts to Life
Melinda Kordich at the mic

Versatile, Professional

And Always Spot-On

Listen to Melinda, People

When it comes to voice work, Minneapolis voice actor Melinda Kordich is an all-around pro.  Just listen.

Versatile: Whether you need a voice over artist who can be the girl next door, sarcastic sidekick, young wife, warm mom, professional woman, colorful character or straight narration, Melinda will bring your script to life.

Vibrant:  Melinda has a strong background in acting and improv, a gift for comedy and the ability to bring gravitas to straight reads that call for it.

Spot-on: She’s an experienced voice talent who gets it right the first time.  Melinda is such a joy to work with, clients sometimes wish she’d take longer.

To put Melinda’s experience to work for you, please email her today or call 952-233-5378.

As a producer, I’ve had the pleasure of using Melinda for national Home Depot radio spots, and she was always just the right blend of likable, easy to relate to, personal with a perfect blend of humor and timing.

Tim Russell

Prairie Home Companion

Mindy is a truly versatile and professional voice actor who can do everything from a frazzled mom voice to a slick and polished straight vo. She is a pleasure to work with!

Doug Dixon

Owner, Audio Ruckus

It is the rare stage actor that can make the transition to recording booth as easily as Mindy. Over the last many years (she won’t let me say exactly how many), I have counted on Melinda to make my VO casting decisions easier.

Breezy, conversational and effortless? Check. Polished tag announcer? Sure. Characters or comedic timing? You bet. Arrogant attitude? Not in the least.

With Melinda you get the chops of a seasoned industry professional, safely tucked away behind the eager-to-please attitude of a just-graduated theater student.

Joe Weismann

Shout Radio